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    What role does Parks Canada play in the management of national historic sites?

    Parks Canada manages one of the most extensive networks of protected historic and natural places in the world. The mandate of the Parks Canada Agency is to protect and present these places for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.

    Why does the national historic site have a management plan and what does it do?

    Parks Canada requires each national historic site they administer to have a management plan. The management plan sets the vision and strategic direction for the site for the next 10 years. It outlines specific objectives and actions to achieve this vision and direction in three key areas: cultural resource protection, education and visitor experience.

    Why is Banff Park Museum National Historic Site Important?

    The Banff Park Museum National Historic Site is one of Western Canada’s oldest natural history museum. The 1903 building is the best surviving example of the rustic architectural design found in the early national park buildings. The museum and its collection of over 3000 natural history specimens has been an iconic cultural attraction on Banff Avenue for over 115 years. 

    What will be included in the new plan?

    For the Banff Park Museum National Historic Site, the new management plan proposes to focus on the following three key strategies:

    1. ongoing conservation and understanding of the building, collections and historical records;

    2. enriching the visitor experience through enhanced partnerships, new programming and repurposing the Discovery and Reading Room spaces adjacent to the main gallery; and

    3. improving the sense of place and arrival.

    Why should I comment on the draft plan?

    A key component in the development of any management plan is getting the views of interested Indigenous nations, key stakeholders and Canadians. It is only through public involvement that Parks Canada can ensure that the future direction of the site reflects the perspectives and aspirations of the people it is held in trust for.

    What will happen to my comments?

    At the close of the public comment period, Parks Canada will carefully review and analyze all feedback received. The information gathered in the engagement process will be used to refine the plans prior to final approval and tabling in parliament.

    A ‘What We Heard’ document will be created that summarizes public input and how this input impacted the plan. The ‘What We Heard’ document will be posted on the Banff Park Museum website.

    How can I get more information and/or comment on the plan?

    Parks Canada is inviting comments on the draft management plan from August 20th to October 26th, 2018. The draft plan and additional information on the national historic site and public review process can be found at The website also provides an opportunity to comment on the plan. Additional comments can be submitted to or

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